Pruning spring flowering shrubs

Pruning spring flowering shrubs

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Would you like to see more flowers on your spring flowering shrubs? Planning ahead and pruning after the flowers have faded is a really effective way to encourage more flower colour into your garden or outdoor space. 

Spring flowering shrubs flower on the previous year's growth so it's important to get your timing right.Cutting shrubs too early will cut off this year's flowers and cutting too late will cut off this year's newly formed buds for next year's flowers. You also need to be mindful of how much you prune back, too hard then you may not get any blooms for one or two years!


One simple technique to encourage bloom is to deadhead spent flowers by snipping them off just above the newly formed buds below the dying flower head. Larger deciduous flowers such as Lilac or Viburnum make the job easier as you can clearly see where to make the cut. Evergreens such as Rhododendron and Camellia can also be cut after flowering. These shrubs are slower growing so it's important not to take too much off as they take longer to recover.


For shrubs with smaller individual flowers forming along branches like Forsythia, Philadelphus and Deutzia tip the stems back after flowering to encourage more side branches and help maintain the shape. Removing a third of the older stems to a few inches above the ground will also encourage new stems and the best flowers in two to three years' time. As these stems mature you then take some out every year to make room for more growth. 

To keep your shrubs in tip top condition we at Benita's garden services specialise in the pruning and shaping of flower shrubs so that your garden looks colourful, neat and trim all year round. 

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