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Lawn care

A well maintained lush green lawn sets the scene of your home, and is a living framework for trees, shrubs and flower beds. Lawns are great for relaxing, entertaining, and recreation. By taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and giving off oxygen, and keeping temperatures cooler in the summer lawns are environmentally sustainable. 
We care about the environment as much as you do, that is why we offer lawn care solutions to help keep your lawns naturally green and healthy throughout the year. 
Our lawn care program uses products to improve the condition of the soil and help control the moss. Our preferred method of treatment for removal of weeds is to dig them out by hand. This way we keep herbicide use to a minimum which is good for the environment. Over a period of time you will start to see a significant improvement in the overall look of your lawn. The grass will look a lot thicker and so prevent any weeds from further establishing themselves or getting out of hand.
For further ongoing treatments and to improve your lawns even more mechanical treatments such as scarification, aeration, and seeding can be applied. These treatments ensure your lawn has fresh, young new grass producing a thicker and healthier lawn.


For lawns that are in really bad shape and full of weeds, then we do offer a one off treatment using selective herbicides to get the initial weeds under control. This will make the process much easier in the future by digging them out when the weeds appear.

wild flower meadow

Wildflower Meadows

If you want to bring some biodiversity into your outdoor space a wildflower  turf garden can create an instant wildflower area and will attract many insects, bees, butterflies, and birds to your piece of England. Trying to establish a seeded wildflower area can take up a lot of time and can get very frustrating  as the failure rate is very high. That is why wildflower turf is a good alternative.

Then there are the wildflowers and grasses to enjoy throughout the changing seasons, adding another dimension to the planting throughout the year. Wildflowers look very attractive as a border amongst other perennials and shrubs or as a backdrop to a well kept lawn giving a really nice contrast to the formal and informal look.

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