Garden and landscape restoration is one of our specialist services we provide. Whether you've recently moved to a new home, or just haven't had the time and need some professional advice as to where to start. We have the expertise to undertake a broad range of garden restoration and makeover projects to suit your budget and style.

Restoring a garden can seem daunting at first. Overgrown plants, neglected trees, more weed than lawn - it can be difficult to know where to start. When dealing with an overgrown and neglected garden bear in mind good observation and preparation is key. Over a period of a year it's a good idea to watch the garden to see what your plants and trees do, and where the sun rises and falls. Once you have an idea of what plants and trees you want to keep or not, then the restoration process can begin.


On the initial visit we listen, observe and advise on each client's individual needs. We then propose the best and most cost effective way forward without compromising on quality.

We start by taking out any dead or dying wood, prune and shape shrubs, hedges and trees to improve the look and quality of growth. Clear overgrown perennial borders and make suggestions for new plants to go in to help enhance the space. 

Mow, strim the grass, cut and tidy the edges, then reseed any bare patches of lawn.

Once the hard work is done, and to avoid the garden falling into an unmanageable state once again it is important to keep your garden maintained by regularly keeping on top of anything that grows and gets out of hand. 

You then may decide that you will do the garden maintenance work yourself or we can put forward a garden maintenance plan and take care of the garden for you.

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