Small Tree & Shrub Trimming and Pruning in Ferndown, Wimborne, West Moors, St Leonards & St Ives, East Dorset

To maintain the health and safety of mature trees and shrubs pruning is required to remove any dead or dying branches. The thinning and removal of overcrowded, live branches will reduce wind resistance and storm damage. 

At Benita's Garden Services, we have trained gardeners who are experienced in this type of work who can assess and put forward a pruning plan. 

When thinning branches of a tree, we concentrate on the outer parts of the canopy leaving the interior branches as much as possible. To improve the tree's form and shape, the removal of the crown or individual branches maybe required, if the tree is interfering with objects or structures. If the tree is weak, pruning will improve the overall structure. 

Raising the canopy by removing the lower branches can help to increase the amount of light for grass, ground cover and plants to grow beneath the tree.

We evaluate your tree's condition and then work out the type of pruning required so we can balance your goals and those of managing plant health and safety. 


Structural Pruning of Young Trees

Pruning trees when they are young and growing fast is important to ensure a strong framework for future growth. In the garden landscape where trees have light and space to grow, many species develop multiple stems that are prone to failure. This is because lower branches tend to grow at the same rate as the leaders resulting in weak attachments that are also likely to fail later on. With this type of pruning, unless multiple stems are desired, we focus on maintaining a single dominant stem. Branches are pruned so their size remains proportional to the stem's diameter at the point of attachment. As the trees grow, some branches are removed to ensure adequate spacing between permanent limbs. The tree's shape is maintained to provide a natural open crown typical of the species. 

Speciality Pruning

As the introduction of fruit trees in the garden becomes more popular, we specialise in pruning of apples, pears, and other fruit bearing plants. We also prune and maintain formal pruning styles that include espalier, pleaching and topiary.

Shrub Pruning

To help improve the overall health and appearance of your shrubs, we remove some older branches to maintain the plant's informal natural look and size to the space allotted for them according to the plant's species or variety.

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