Top Garden Maintenance Jobs in May

Top Garden Maintenance Jobs in May

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Gardening jobs for May

The weather will be warm enough to plant out bedding plants at the end of the month.

Collect rainwater for garden plants and save on your water bills.

Hoe around plants and on hot days leave to dry out in the sun.

Don't forget to open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days 

Mow lawns regularly to keep them looking trim

Trim back hedges ( but firstly check there are no nesting birds).

Divide over crowded daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs to promote better flowers for next season's growth. 

Check for viburnum and lily beetle grubs.

Applying a mulch around the base of plants will help to retain moisture around the roots.

Water pots and hanging baskets with rain water collected if possible.

Top Tip: Now the weather is starting to warm up, if you haven't done so already, it's time to start mulching around plants to retain moisture in the soil.

Top Tip: If you've been thinking ahead for some autumn colour, now is the time to plant autumn flowering plants.

Lawn Care

Mow on a regular basis.

Maintain a 3 inch gutter around the lawn edge to prevent lawn grass creeping into the borders.

Apply a high nitrogen summer lawn fertiliser to encourage healthy new growth.

Sow new lawns or overseeding bare patches can be carried out in early May while the ground is moist 

Molehills can be a problem in spring. Create a spray using three parts caster oil, one part dish soap, and three parts water. Spray over tunnels and molehills. Another safer option if you have young children or pets is to plant daffodils, marigolds and alliums which the mole dislike the smell of. 

Trees, shrubs and climbers 

Take softwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs such as Forsythia, Fuchsia and Hydrangea.

Prune out frost damage from evergreen shrubs.

After the danger of frost has passed cut back tender shrubs such as Penstemon and Fuchsia.

Trim evergreen hedges to keep them looking neat.

Evergreens such as Viburnum tinus can also be trimmed this month. 

Prune spring flowering shrubs such as Berbetis, Choisya and Ribes after flowering 

Prune overcrowded or dead stems of Clematis Montana once flowering has finished. Don't worry you can cut back hard if you need to rejuvenate this type of clematis. 

Late spring is a good time to cut back hard Eucalyptus. This is known as coppicing or pollarding.

Continue to tie in climbing and rambling roses horizontally to restrict sap flow and promote more flowers.

Remove reverted green growth on variegated plants to prevent then reverting back to a single colour.


Put supports in place now for tall herbaceous plants or those with big heavy blooms.

Plant out Cannas and dahlias when danger of frost has past.

Continue to divide herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate or get too big. Dividing will also produce new healthy growth.

Bamboos can be divided in this same way.

Divide hostas as they come into growth.

Cut back clumps of spring flowering perennials such as Pulmonaria and Doronicum to encourage fresh foliage. This will keep plant size in check and flower better the following year.

Divide primroses after flowering and plant in a nursery bed ready for planting out in autumn.

Remove faded wall flowers and spring bedding from pots and baskets to make way for summer planting.

Check plants for signs of being root bound.

Deadhead tulips and daffodils and let the green foliage die down naturally before clearing. 

Apply a liquid fertiliser to spring bulbs after they finish flowering to help prevent blindness and encourage a good display next year 

Top Tip: Insects will soon be at their most active. Smart plant choices and garden maintenance practices can help reduce the pests in your garden. Plant insect repellent plants such as lavender, rosemary, marigolds, chrysanthemums, mint and chives.

Greenhouse and house plants

Train stems of passion flower over their frames.

Apply shade paint to outside glass to prevent temperatures soaring in your greenhouse on sunny days.

Wet the greenhouse floor regularly to increase humidity and reduce pests such as red spider mite.


Divide water lilies if not done last month.

Thin out, cut back or divide excessive new growth on aquatic plants.

Clean the pond filters.

Plant your favourite new aquatic plants.

Feed your fish little and often. 

Remove blanket weed 

Soft Landscaping 

Remove algae using a pressure washer.

Remove algae from walls, paving and patios.

Repair pergolas, arbours and arches as necessary.

Treat fences, sheds with wood preservative and stain on a dry day. Use a recent preservative as some of

the older chemicals are now illegal for example the old creosote.

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