Autumn lawn care after summer drought

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Autumn lawn care Have your lawns turned brown and look lifeless after the unusually high temperatures of summer?   During this period our lawns endure heavy wear and tear and autumn is a good time to repair and encourage healthy new growth.  September to October when the days and nights are cooler and soil is still warm is a perfect time for seed germination and to get lawns in good shape before the colder winter weather sets in. Before autumn lawn care maintenance near Ashley Heath Autumn lawn aeration Over time the soil is compressed due to heavily trodden areas and high summer temperatures. To get the best out of your lawn and as part of basic lawn maintenance, aerating improves drainage, relieves compaction allowing oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil encouraging healthy new growth.  Autumn lawn scarification Over time the build up of thatch, moss and other debris in your lawn prevents water and fertiliser from reaching the grass roots.  Scarifying is the process of removing harmful levels of thatch, propagating grass roots, allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the soil and plants. Depending on the lawns condition scarification treatment can be applied on well established lawns once a year or if preferred 2 - 4 years. After autumn lawn care maintenance near Ashley Heath Remove fallen leaves As autumn gets underway thick layers of fallen leaves can accumulate on the lawn and need to be removed. If left too long, leaves will prevent light and oxygen from reaching the grass, inhibiting growth and also spreading fungal and mould disease.  Sow lawn seed In autumn if your turf is looking patchy and while the ground is still warm, moist and weed growth has slowed down it's an ideal time to repair with lawn seed. Sowing grass seed will bring back your lawns green and lush good looks. Sowing lawn seed near Ashley Heath Autumn feed Apply an autumn lawn feed to strengthen the grass roots so that your lawn is strong and healthy enough to withstand the winter weather. For the best results use a premium quality lawn feed that is specifically formulated for this time of year. An autumn lawn feed is high in potash and phosphates which helps protect the lawn from frost damage over the winter months. Top dress your lawn  Towards the end of the growing season lawns can be low in nutrients and look unhealthy and dull. Applying and raking in a top dressing of organic matter will help to develop strong healthy new growth. Early spring photo after autumn lawn care treatment near Ashley Heath The end result For all your lawn care needs contact Benita on: 07891 985701 to discuss your requirements or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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