We're offering free Spring garden tidy-up quotations

We're offering free Spring garden tidy-up quotations

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Garden Tidy-Ups - Across Ferndown, Wimborne, St Leonards & St Ives

One of our core services at Benita’s Garden Services is garden tidy-ups or garden restoration. We offer full and flexible garden services to fulfill all your requirements.

Garden Tidy-Ups & Garden Restoration - What’s Involved?

Garden tidy-ups or garden restorations can vary greatly. Sometimes gardens can get just a bit out of control if left to their own devises, especially during the peak growing season. In some cases the customer requires just a quick tidy-up of the garden, to get things back in order. However, in other cases, the job can be more involved like a full garden clearance. Our experienced and trained gardeners can advise and do as much or a little as you need. At Benita’s Garden Services we are happy to tackle different types of jobs. We can cut hedges, prune and maintain trees, cut grass, clear leaves, care for your plants. Then once you have got your garden looking back to how you like it to look, if you like we can schedule ongoing maintenance visits. A maintenance plan goes a long way to making sure your garden can stay in shipshape condition. We can do all the hard work so you can concentrate on enjoying your garden.

Garden Tidy-Ups - How They Work

Whether it is a small garden tidy-up or a larger garden clearance, we are happy to assist. We will be with you as soon as possible to estimate the job for you, and if you wish, we can book you in to get the job done at a convenient time to suit you.

You might be moving into a new house where the garden has been neglected or you have business premises that require attention. Let our trained gardeners at Benita’s Garden Services take care of the job and resolve the problem for you.

Our garden services are both flexible and comprehensive. As well as one-off garden tidy-ups we also offer scheduled visits. That way we can keep on top of things in your garden for you.

The following is a list of typical customer requests that we receive…

Garden Renovation

This can sometimes be in preparation for selling or renting out a property. It can also be for a house that has been newly purchased or one where extensive building work has been done on the property and requires some professional advice and TLC to make the space look more attractive and inviting.

Regain Control Of A Garden

This is typically working in a garden that has been let grow wild and out of control. We can cut the lawn, cut back hedges, prune and maintain trees, sort out your flower beds, clear leaves, plant up.

Prepare A Garden For A Special Occasion

We can tidy-up and clear gardens in preparation for a special event like a birthday party, wedding, or event. We understand when it is important for you to have your garden looking at its best.

Here are some before and after images of client gardens we have worked on…

Before & After Images Of Customer Gardens, We Have Been Working On…

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